will ya?

- a digital poet

Hi, I am Xu Cheng, aka. DrXCheng, a digital poet.

I design and develop websites and web applications using state-of-the-art technologies. I am available for small size projects.

My recent skill sets: Web development (HTML/CSS, JavaScript), iOS development (Apache Cordova, Swift), Server-side development (Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL), AWS, etc.

I play puzzle game and card game, and upload gameplay and walkthrough videos to YouTube. My channel has over 12M total views and 7K subscribers. I have also obtained YouTube certification on audience growth.

I do mobile gaming video creation and promotion. If you are a mobile game developer, I can help you grow. Please contact me if you are interest.

I was born in China, and reside in Vancouver, Canada.

I came to Canada to complete my MSc and PhD in Computing Science at SFU. My research topics were networking and data mining. I have published over 20 journal and conference papers, attracting more than 1300 citations.